After a lot of careful planning and preparations, our NY Business Expo Pre-party last night was a great success! We want to thank each and every one of you that came and hope you all enjoyed an easy-going night, networking and mingling with each other. By the way, how delish were those cupcakes, eh? Thanks Gabrielle! Overall, it was great to see how well everyone connected and we cannot wait to see you all, and many more, again at the 2013 NY Business Expo & Summit event on June 20th at The Altman Building. Please register for the event here if you haven’t already.

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And our last exciting news for the day. We announced a sweepstake to win an XBOX 360 by simply registering for our upcoming expo and tweeting about us! We’ve read all your tweets and have chosen a winner! Congratulations Nat Harward! It was great having you with us at the pre-party, hope you enjoy the XBOX! Thank you all for participating and be sure to look out for the next sweepstake.


A few millennial years ago, one of the greatest ways to gain exposure for a business is to dress a chipmunk in a two-piece bikini, holding signs with specific company logos, while straddling down Madison Avenue in New York City. Who knows? But in today’s day and age, the best place to build traffic and create awareness for a brand is through the Internet. The first thing consumers look to when curiosity strikes are company websites for more information and their reviews. They want the goodies. And they want the dirt. The look and feel of a website is equally important as what the content consists of. And where certain material is placed is critical too.

If you’re a small business owner unsure of where to start, have no fear and look no further. GoDaddy, the world’s top platform for small businesses and one of our sponsors will be joining us at the 2013 NY Business Expo & Summit at the Altman Building, on June 20th to provide free consultations with one of their experts. If you want to learn more about GoDaddy’s products, how to expand and grow your online presence, strategies to advertise, market your brand and how to build connections with others, they are certainly an exhibitor you do not want to miss out on!

GoDaddy’s website experts help to guide small business owners step-by-step in building a resourceful and marketable website. To register for a free consultation at the 2013 NY Business Expo & Summit, click here.

As the 2013 Business Expo & Summit approaches quickly, we are announcing our guest speakers. Each of the following speakers will share their insider secrets and mistakes made along the way, so other small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startup founders won’t repeat it while they tackle their endeavors. Read along to find out who will be there with us!

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local – a social media and marketing firm that started out as a small business, but now making its way to the top on “500 list of fastest growing private companies.”

Ever looked for a list of current sales all under one roof? Co-founder and CEO of Yipit, Vinicius Vacant designed a website making all that possible with your preferred deals in mind. He’ll be giving his secrets and advice on what he wishes he knew when first starting out.

If you’re interested in fundraising, wait until you hear how guest speaker, Mark Peter Davis, discuss the secrets of raising money for your startups and small businesses.

If you’re wondering how these individuals were able to embark on their start-ups, listen to Ari Rabban, a veteran in the VoIP industry, speak about the rewarding and self-sufficient ways to becoming an entrepreneur.

With so many social media platforms to choose from, Mary Agnes Antonopoulos will show you all the different ways you can entice and capture your audience’s attention, and how to increase your search-ability. Having conducted wide range of campaigns for authors to cellular phone companies such as AT&T, even Midas and Panera Bread, she will surely knock your socks off with her knowledge.

Ruben Quinones, a Director of New Media at New York Based Search and Social marketing agency Path Interactive – he’ll teach us the many components and strategies that lead to successful campaigns. A founder of PsBill, and an introducer of the first Facebook marketing curriculum at New York University, Ruben has a lot in store for us!

You can sell anything and everything, to anyone, if you’re good at it. But first, you must learn secrets of the trade. Tim Davis, a certified behavioral analyst, stand-up comedian, and the CEO of his own tech company, CMIT Solutions, will be at the conference to enlighten us with his tactics.

It’s sweepstakes time for all expo attendees! NY Business Expo is offering a chance to win the latest XBOX 360, completely free! How does it sound to enjoy a game or two, maybe even three, during downtime to kickback and relax. In just three easy steps, you will be entered to win. Ready? First, simply register to attend our upcoming NY Business Expo event here, then tweet about our expo using hash-tags #NYBizExpo or @NYBizExpo. It can be about anything – what you know about us, what you like about us and our expo, or what innovative events you’d like to see us host, just make sure to hash-tag, hash-tag, and hash-tag some more! We will randomly select a winner at the end of the day, on Friday, May 31st. We are starting the countdown now so register and start tweeting away!

The lucky winner of the XBOX 360 will receive their prize at the official preparty for NY Business Expo & Summit at the Empire State Building, on June 5th. Join us for open bar and complimentary small bites! You’ll be able to meet and network with many executives, founders and investors. A great opportunity to expand, explore, and learn what other start-up companies are doing.

2012 was a superiorly different year at NYEBN. During 2012, we conceived the idea about launching a new project named “NY Business Expo & Summit.” It was a two-day event right after hurricane Sandy, which wasn’t expected. When no one thought a great show could be possibly produced after a natural disaster like that in New York, our team persevered and we succeeded. 2 days, 130 exhibitors, 100 mentors, 30 speakers, 2 after parties, and over 6,000 signups for the show! Boom boom! The show was innovative and our attendees and exhibitors loved it!

So once you’re lucky, and twice you’re good. This year, we are at it again. NY Business Expo & Summit 2013 brings you two highly-anticipated events at once: a B2B Expo and a business summit. It’s the post child of “innovation meets biz success.” For exhibitors, the expo is a perfect platform to showcase their products and brands to thousands of c-level executives and business influencers. For attendees, we create limitless networking opportunities. The business summit invites you to join the conversation of how to better serve your customers and increase your companies’ bottom line. The entire program is designed to help you succeed in your own game.

The NY Business Expo & Summit 2013 is scheduled to take place from 10 AM – 6 PM on Thursday, 6/20, at The Altman Building. No matter if you’re a startup or established business, your team will gain tremendous leverage by being part of this event! Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to get updates. Exhibiting space is set for $699 for limited time only. Order here today.