A few millennial years ago, one of the greatest ways to gain exposure for a business is to dress a chipmunk in a two-piece bikini, holding signs with specific company logos, while straddling down Madison Avenue in New York City. Who knows? But in today’s day and age, the best place to build traffic and create awareness for a brand is through the Internet. The first thing consumers look to when curiosity strikes are company websites for more information and their reviews. They want the goodies. And they want the dirt. The look and feel of a website is equally important as what the content consists of. And where certain material is placed is critical too.

If you’re a small business owner unsure of where to start, have no fear and look no further. GoDaddy, the world’s top platform for small businesses and one of our sponsors will be joining us at the 2013 NY Business Expo & Summit at the Altman Building, on June 20th to provide free consultations with one of their experts. If you want to learn more about GoDaddy’s products, how to expand and grow your online presence, strategies to advertise, market your brand and how to build connections with others, they are certainly an exhibitor you do not want to miss out on!

GoDaddy’s website experts help to guide small business owners step-by-step in building a resourceful and marketable website. To register for a free consultation at the 2013 NY Business Expo & Summit, click here.