2012 was a superiorly different year at NYEBN. During 2012, we conceived the idea about launching a new project named “NY Business Expo & Summit.” It was a two-day event right after hurricane Sandy, which wasn’t expected. When no one thought a great show could be possibly produced after a natural disaster like that in New York, our team persevered and we succeeded. 2 days, 130 exhibitors, 100 mentors, 30 speakers, 2 after parties, and over 6,000 signups for the show! Boom boom! The show was innovative and our attendees and exhibitors loved it! We welcome all new exhibitors including a new payment processing services, 1st Advantage.

So once you’re lucky, and twice you’re good. This year, we are at it again. NY Business Expo & Summit 2013 brings you two highly-anticipated events at once: a B2B Expo and a business summit. It’s the post child of “innovation meets biz success.” For exhibitors, the expo is a perfect platform to showcase their products and brands to thousands of c-level executives and business influencers. For attendees, we create limitless networking opportunities. The business summit invites you to join the conversation of how to better serve your customers and increase your companies’ bottom line. The entire program is designed to help you succeed in your own game.

The NY Business Expo & Summit 2013 is scheduled to take place from 10 AM – 6 PM on Thursday, 6/20, at The Altman Building. No matter if you’re a startup or established business, your team will gain tremendous leverage by being part of this event! Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to get updates. Exhibiting space is set for $699 for limited time only. Order here today.